Meba Farms and Agro - Allied Industries Limited

Integrated Farms & Agro Processing


Meba Farms and Agro-Allied Industries Limited

Integrated Farms & Agro Processing

we introduce innovative integrated farming system specialize in organic cultivation of maize, high quality peanut vegetable oil and parboiled rice processing which byproducts are use in production of hormone-free high quality organic broilers and eggs products by applying strictest organic feed and standard rearing, a farming system which reduce the cost of fuel, feed with minimum capital investments making quality food available and affordable for all.

A common and traditional definition of agro processing refers to the subset of manufacturing industry that processes raw materials and intermediate products derived from the agricultural sector. Agro processing industry thus means transforming products originating from agriculture, forestry and fisheries to finished product.

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        Integrated Farms

            Crop Farming
        ○ Animal Husbandry
        ○ Fish Farming

        Agro Processing

            Cassava Starch Processing
        ○ Cassava Flour Processing
        ○ Cassava Chips Processing
        ○ Cassava Garri Processing
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