Can Offshore Company Limited

Can Offshore Company Limited


Can Offshore Company Limited

·         Chattering of

o    Self propelled Jack-up Barge

o    Diving Support Vessels

o    Stand Safety Vessels

o    Supply Vessels

o    Anchor Handling Tugs

o    Utility/Offshore Support Vessels

o    Crew Boats

·         Diving Specialists

o    Sub Sea inspection

o    Sub Sea Maintenance

o    Sub Sea Construction

o    General Diving Services

·         Survey Activities

·         ROV Surveys

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Sub Sea Inspection & General Diving Services

We own and operate specialized equipment used to perform a wide range of offshore platform structural repairs, inspection services, pipeline repairs and re-routes, grouting repairs, and specialized hyperbaric and wet welding .

ROV Surveys

Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are a safe and widely used type of underwater vehicle serving a range of military, commercial, and scientific needs. Using a series of propellors, ROVs are unoccupied, highly maneuverable underwater robots operated by a person on the surface.
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